Wednesday, 11 November 2015

GOW_LAV Concept Final Render

The Hardcore modelling challenge has been a busy few weeks which have pushed me to get something out of 3DS Max as quickly and efficiently as possible. I'm glad to be approaching my final few renders now, with the debate once composited weather I should try to attempt to create a shock wave effect from the main turret by exploring particle systems or possible environment Fog.
It was also nice to move into Photoshop after so much time and effort spent in 3DS Max, to switch things up with a bit of compositing this afternoon.
 Here is how it's looking so far, I'll have a high quality render with a few changes tomorrow.  

Fig.1 Final Composite 01

After a few tweaks, plus rendering out various passes for the tank I have come to my final render for the Hardcore modelling challenge (see below). 

Fig.2 The Final Render

Fig.3 The Final Render 1600x1200px
(format required for the competition).

Fig.4 :Front Orthographic

Fig.5: Side Orthographic

Fig.6: Aerial Orthographic

Fig.7 Wireframe (1600x1200px)

Fig.8: Wireframe (1920x1080 px)

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