Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Interior Visualisations in 3DS Max. Lighting and Texturing

This post displays a step by step for the lighting and texturing process for my interior scene. 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Interior Modelling on 3DS Max

Hi, welcome to the launch of my new, professional creative blog. After a few months of settling into my new occupation at Framework Creative I've been able to have a play in 3DS Max; by designing an interior from scratch. This post features a brief overview of skills I've learnt inside Max as I attempt to convert my previous knowledge (from a background in Maya) into this scene. Enjoy! 


Like every project, I started by building the base of the room, this involved making sure the size of the room was set to a real world scale as well as window fittings etc, to provide a higher wealth of realism to the render. 



Fig.2 and Fig.3 are both editable splines I drew in order to create a skirting detail across the room. I would create the editable spline using a line which I would then edit with bezier and the fillet tool (hence creating the soft fall off  and rounded edges of skirting features). See Fig.4 to see how I then applied a sweep modifier to a rectangle scaled to the size of the room to then apply our editable spline skirting. 







Another handy tip for creating realistic objects would be to create copies and edit small differences into them, this can be done by altering bend/ twist modifiers on objects slightly so that they do not appear as exact duplicates. 
It's also a good idea to copy the object and then use the soft selection and FFD lattice modifiers to re-morph objects to create subtle differences. I used this on the cushions and objects which built the sofa. (see Fig.6 and Fig.7).