Thursday, 26 November 2015


Just a quick update of my WIP so far. Bourbon is well under way, I'll just have to model all the extra little details now! On a side note I'm really liking the EdgeTex wireframe shader map in VRay.






Bourbon: Character Orthographic Sketches

From one project and onto the next. I've finished my tank and started to get to work on a very different project of producing a cool CG character, Bourbon the Bunny. I had this idea for quite a while but sadly I never got to develop it through out my time at university. Nevertheless I've come back to it now and I will be working on him during my down time. The aim of this project is to take something from nothing all the way until completion. Moving through the rigging/ texturing/ uving/ modelling processes one after each other (whereas my most recent projects in Max have been aimed at developing certain sections of my skill set). I'm very excited to start modelling Bourbon and start to translate the rest of my knowledge in Maya to 3DS Max. Without further a do here are the orthographic sketches I decided to draw by hand. 

Fig.1 Front Orthographic.

Fig.2 Side Orthographic

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

GOW_LAV Concept Final Render

The Hardcore modelling challenge has been a busy few weeks which have pushed me to get something out of 3DS Max as quickly and efficiently as possible. I'm glad to be approaching my final few renders now, with the debate once composited weather I should try to attempt to create a shock wave effect from the main turret by exploring particle systems or possible environment Fog.
It was also nice to move into Photoshop after so much time and effort spent in 3DS Max, to switch things up with a bit of compositing this afternoon.
 Here is how it's looking so far, I'll have a high quality render with a few changes tomorrow.  

Fig.1 Final Composite 01

After a few tweaks, plus rendering out various passes for the tank I have come to my final render for the Hardcore modelling challenge (see below). 

Fig.2 The Final Render

Fig.3 The Final Render 1600x1200px
(format required for the competition).

Fig.4 :Front Orthographic

Fig.5: Side Orthographic

Fig.6: Aerial Orthographic

Fig.7 Wireframe (1600x1200px)

Fig.8: Wireframe (1920x1080 px)

GOW_LAV Tank Texture Blocking.

Yesterday I started the task of texture blocking my GOW_LAV Tank concept, my main focus to add a cool camo pattern onto the model and strat to get some colour in there.
My next task will be to add some nice bumps, displacement and dirt to the textures before the final pass.
Also a quick note on the default VRAY HDRi sky background; I'm thinking of rendering an alpha pass so I can include a matte painting/ photograph behind the image of sand and tank. For now here is my latest progress.

Fig.1 Making a start to the texture blocking

Monday, 9 November 2015

GOW LAV_Concept Modelling Progress!

I'm very pleased to say that my LAV concept for the HCR Hardcore Modelling Challenge has reached its conclusion for the modelling process. (I'll remind you that the objective of this competition was to work towards a high quality render in minimal time, starting from scratch and moving to a complete outcome under the pressure of a time constraint). Sadly this means that although on the vast part my modelling has been relatively quick I cannot finesse details as I'll have to move onto the next process at hand to get this render out on time; UV Layout.
Here is a grey scale render of the LAV Concept, the VRay displacement doing wonders to the ground plane, and I'll look forward to posting the progress soon.

Fig.1 Modelling process complete (GreyScale) 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Hardcore Modelling Challenge: Building a Gears LAV Tank.

For my latest adventure with 3DS Max and VRay I've decided to enter a competition on CGSociety tasked with creating an iconic vehicle from Game, TV or film and posting my WIP feed.
I have chosen to create a LAV tank based on my love of games and influence from Gears of War. I aim to create an asset which fits into the Gears of War world space by attempting to copy Epic Games artistic style.
I've managed to get the majority of the body blocked out and I've started to model the turret in extra detail. let me know what you think?

Fig.1 The model so far...

Fig.2 The Aerial Orthographic