Thursday, 15 September 2016

Render Update

It's been quite a while since I last managed to post some personal work online, this being said this post is an opportunity to share some of my latest little renders with you all. 
The images below are by no means my best works, but they have definitely helped me to learn some new techniques in both materials and modelling with 3DS Max and VRay. 
In particular I've been getting creative around procedural maps within composites, as well as exploring translucency and caustic refraction. 
Modelling has just been about getting more precision in my models and working to a higher functionality, maintaining a nice and easy geometric flow in models whilst adding more technical details. the boombox for example has lots of intersecting faces and holes to model around. 

Fig.1 Beer Glass 01

Fig.2 Beer Glass 02

Fig.3 Boombox 01

Fig.4 Boombox 02

Fig.5 Boombox 03

Fig.6 Boombox 04