Thursday, 2 June 2016

Product Rendering: The Watch

Just a quick one, I thought I would share this nice watch I designed and made inside 3DS Max. The larger learning curve for this mini project was working with advanced shaders to produce realistic rendering results. I took my light rig from the previous post (Automotive Design project) and altered some values. Leave any comments, questions or suggestions below. Ta.

Fig.1 Model Untextured

Fig.2: Advanced Metal shader 

Fig.3 Advanced Leather Shader

Fig.4 Final Outcome

Fig.5 Final Outcome Wireframe

Automotive Concept PT 3: The Outcome

So here she is, she's been sitting in my drafts for a while waiting to be posted. I didn't do anything spectacular with render layers for the final (although if I did have the time I would like to go back and revisit it; perhaps for another day), there was merely an alpha channel, beauty and AO pass, with a little bit of touching up inside of photo shop. All in all I'm really happy with this project, I got to learn a few new modelling tricks, I think the design of the car sits cohesively. Many thanks for all of your input.