Wednesday, 13 April 2016

VRay Toon Render

After looking at various stylised finishes across the web I was eager to use the VRay Toon Render Effect to create my own. I decided to work with my interior bedroom scene for this task.

 a) I deactivated the GI and created a 3DS Max standard ink and paint shader inside the override MTL check box.
b) I adjusted the values of the ink and paint texture as I saw fit.
c) I created a the VRay Toon Effect and included all the layers necessary and adjusted the parameters.

Then all I had to do was render and composite the image inside photo shop. Bish, bash bosh.

I think this style helps present the work in a clear and interesting manner.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Rendering RealisticFruit.

As part of practise I'm frequently required to create small objects like pieces of fruit. This requires me to model a basic object and UV map it. I then move into photo shop whereby I will build a repeating texture. See the below example whereby I've used these techniques to create a realistic SSS2 shader for an orange, apple and watermelon.
I've also added a quick render of plant leaves so you can visualise how the 2 sided VRay Material can be used to create transparency for petals.

Fig.1: The orange 

Fig.2: The orange shader network.

Fig.3 Two sided Vray material used for transparency on petals

Fig,4: The Apple 

Fig.5 The watermelon

Fig,6 Mirroring a cut with the watermelon UVs to create a mirrored seamless texture

Bourbon Rigging: Part 02

I've managed to get some time in lately to explore developing my rig for Bourbon in some extra detail; I've finally started to add some controls and explore the wire parameters settings. 
The rig is a mixture of IK/FK controls, with three duplicated copies of bones which I've colourised to help visualise in viewport. 
Green= Skinned Bones
Blue= IK bones
White = FK bones

As a result I've built an IK/FK switch into the global control to allow for extra manoeuvrability in animation. See pics below... 

Fig.1 An IK solver in action on the legs

Fig,2 An IKspline inside the neck

Fig.3 The spine twisting to show IK/FK falloff of the character rig

Fig.4 The Rig so Far

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

2D Sketch Practise: The Past

Very early on, before I started to push my artwork into the digital sphere, I practised drawing the human form. The human form provided me with the challenge of considering complex shapes, how they fit together and interact with one another, their surfaces and dynamism. This post displays some of my old sketch work I would like to share with you because I believe 2D art work paves the way for the latter 3D work.