Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Using 3DS Max and VRay to Create a Hyper real Still Life Set


The main objective of this task was to develop my skillset in VRay by pushing myself to make a hyper real still life set. 
I used the VRay Blend materials of an SSS2 shader and a standard VRayMTL for the plants and fruit. The helped me get nice glossy reflections over the fruit whilst applying sub-surface scattering. 
Throughout the scene I used some of Max's standard maps such as Fractal noise, cellular maps and dent maps to add some extra details into the renders. 




Fig.2 and Fig.3 show how my model changed a lot throughout the progression of this project. The cabbage for example was completely remodelled after I took photographs of real cabbage leafs to develop an opacity map for each individual leaf. 

Fig.4 The Final Result

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