Monday, 19 October 2015

University Major Project: Outcome


This blog pretty much kicks off from where Uni finished. This was the climax of my studies, my major project, which again focused on creating a series of Games characters and environment using Autodesk Maya, After effects and Photoshop. 
This project required me to think about the design of my characters and their target audience as well as pushing forwards  my existing knowledge of a CG games pipeline (see the attached document for a detailed understanding of my various procedures and decisions in the progression of this project).  
The aim of this project was to:
a) develop five coherent characters with a complete character profile.
b) Out of those five, chose the strongest three to develop into 3D characters (along the games pipeline as detailed). 
c)To then develop am environment around the characters in which they would be able to perform. 
d) Create a turnaround for the characters and an animation which displays how the game may work. 
e) develop rules for the game. 
f) establish branding for the game which reflects the characters style. 

See what I came up with...

Fig.1 Nipper the Crab

Fig.2 Patch the Turtle

Fig.3 Woo-Zee the Whale

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