Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tornado GR4

Recently I've been working on this beauty, modelling a Tornado GR4 to scale in 3DS Max. The aim of this project was to develop all of my existing skills in Max and VRay by taking a real world vehicle and building it from scratch. I may some point later add a simple rig to the retractable wings, landing gears etc, but for now here are some pics highlighting each stage of the pipeline so far. 

Fig.1: Modelling (Aerial View)

Fig.2: Modelling (Shot Cam)

Fig.3: UV Layout (Aerial View)

Fig.4: UV Layout (Persp Cam)

Fig.5: Texturing Stage 01 (Shot Cam)

Fig.6: Modelling Stage 02 (Aerial View)

Fig.07: The result so far 

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