Monday, 19 October 2015

Operation Market Garden.


I feel that my first significant contribution to the world of CG came in my second year at university; whereby I was tasked to create an 'adaptation' from a textual source and develop it through a CG pipeline. 
Having recently been inspired by the war poetry of the first and second world wars, I decided to pick the famous battle of Arnham (1944) as my source for adaptation.
As for the pipeline of work, I decided to manifest this source through a 'games' pipeline, (which is why I feel this work is a significant contribution), this means it was my first introduction to high poly- low poly modelling ( or LODS), baking, maximizing and using texture and UV space to its full potential, as well as introducing myself to Hardware rendering and Maya's viewport 2.0. 
Despite being a relatively old project, I think it is still significant because I started to look at CG as a neat and perfected method of art rather than slamming a model with geometry and/or using texture space wastefully. 

Anyhow, below is my final turnaround, featuring its key assets as well as the bridge itself. I've also included an old research powerpoint so you can see my methodology, mistakes and sucesses throughout the project. 

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