Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Rendering RealisticFruit.

As part of practise I'm frequently required to create small objects like pieces of fruit. This requires me to model a basic object and UV map it. I then move into photo shop whereby I will build a repeating texture. See the below example whereby I've used these techniques to create a realistic SSS2 shader for an orange, apple and watermelon.
I've also added a quick render of plant leaves so you can visualise how the 2 sided VRay Material can be used to create transparency for petals.

Fig.1: The orange 

Fig.2: The orange shader network.

Fig.3 Two sided Vray material used for transparency on petals

Fig,4: The Apple 

Fig.5 The watermelon

Fig,6 Mirroring a cut with the watermelon UVs to create a mirrored seamless texture