Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Bourbon Rigging: Part 02

I've managed to get some time in lately to explore developing my rig for Bourbon in some extra detail; I've finally started to add some controls and explore the wire parameters settings. 
The rig is a mixture of IK/FK controls, with three duplicated copies of bones which I've colourised to help visualise in viewport. 
Green= Skinned Bones
Blue= IK bones
White = FK bones

As a result I've built an IK/FK switch into the global control to allow for extra manoeuvrability in animation. See pics below... 

Fig.1 An IK solver in action on the legs

Fig,2 An IKspline inside the neck

Fig.3 The spine twisting to show IK/FK falloff of the character rig

Fig.4 The Rig so Far

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