Thursday, 11 February 2016

Interior Visualisations 02: Start Point

As a small side project I've assigned myself the task of creating another interior visualisation. This time we will be working with a swanky bedroom concept and I will be using VRay rather than Mental Ray to render and light the images. 

This post highlights that starting process for the 3DS Max scene, as you can see I've started to block in some basic shapes for the room. What you can't see is that I've carefully created layers for the walls, ceilings, lights and furnishings so that I can move through the scene as efficiently as possible. It pays to keep your scene tidy and maneuverable, especially when you have to hand it over to a colleague or artist. 

Secondly I've also worked with Marvelous Designer in this post to create some awesome bed sheets and pillows. This is a very easy to use program which involved exporting the bed frame to simulate and stitch a cloth over. The major advantage of MD is that it is easy to control the volume of the cloth (via elasticity and compression settings), as well as easily sewing parts of cloth together and making realistic cuts/welds and seams into the cloth.

Fig.1: Snap shot of the VRay Render in progress

Fig.2: Welding seams in Marvelous Designer

Fig.3: Importing the Cloth as an OBJ to Max

Fig.4: Creating volume inside a duvet by adding seams

Fig.5 Extra added elements to create a realistic feel to the bed

Fig.6: The starting point for the visualisation. 

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