Monday, 29 February 2016

Interior Vis: Modelling

I keep on pushing myself with a variety of personal projects. In my second interior visualization in 3DS Max I'm coming towards the end of the modelling process. This involves modelling assets to populate the scene (consequently to make it look more interesting).  See below are a series of pictures of just some of the assets I've been modelling lately. In some of these assets such as the sofa I used Marvelous Designer to simulate realistic folds and bends in the fabrics which you simply couldn't achieve inside Max. 

Fig.1: A sofa asset featuring cushions simulated from Marvelous Designer.

Fig.2: A Lamp. Creating a VRay blend material of a lightmtl and a glassy plastic was key in producing this lit effect. 

Fig.4 The Room Step One

Fig.5: The Room Step two 




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