Thursday, 19 May 2016

Automotive Design: PT Two. Texturing and Rendering

Okay, so now the vehicle was more or less modelled all that remained was to set up render passes, light the scene and texture the vehicle. 
I'm not going to go into too much detail, but I used a very basic HDRI of a studio set up, added some reflective objects and set physical camera exposure accordingly. There are three lights, one above (the key light, and two aimed towards a separate tyre from the side cam view. 
Texturing is all pretty straight forward. I used a Falloff map to create a subtle blue/green pearlescent effect on a VRay Car Paint Material. 
Finally I've only set up three render passes, AO, Beauty and ZDepth. I will add a few more between this stage and compositing and will most probably tweak the light set up. 
But for now, check out the final image to see how one of these shots is currently compositing. The car really seems to be coming on! 

Fig.1 Frontal Skew Cam

Fig.2 Rear Skew Cam 

Fig.3 Side Cam 

Fig.4 Front Cam

Fig.5 Elements Composited. 

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